Taking care of your little ones and helping them adjust to the world around them.
toddler learning


Our infant program focuses on letting your little ones discover the world around them in a warm, loving, and secure atmosphere. Using a relationship-based care approach, our teachers create an environment where every baby feels nurtured and loved. Read more »


Our toddler program continues relationship based care where your child will form bonds with both their peers and teachers. We implement hands-on activities with developmentally-appropriate tools to enhance their problem-solving, speech, literacy, fine and gross motor skills.  Read more »

Early Learners

Our Early Learners program exposes your little ones to a “Learning through Play” setting while still using relationship based care routines to establish trust between the teachers, peers and your child. It is through peer interaction that your little ones will learn values such as teamwork and empathy and individual activities where they practice independence and initiative.  Read more »

If you want to learn more about our infants and toddlers program, you can send us a message or contact us.

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