Infants at Palmetto Preschool thrive with our RELATIONSHIP-BASED CARE approach. Our staff of dedicated professionals spend time developing a partnership with families, and each infant is assigned a primary care-giver who follows their daily routine and development.

Teachers in Palmetto Preschool’s infant program provide sensitive and attentive interactions with the babies in their care to ensure that every baby feels loved, nurtured, and cared-for. The teachers quickly learn to read each baby’s cues, cries, and gestures so that they are able to respond kindly and quickly to each child’s individual needs – building strong attachments that lay the foundation for their development in all areas.

At Palmetto, our RELATIONSHIP-BASED care ensures that infants:

Learn to EXPLORE the world around them by having supportive adults that encourage exploration through tasting, touching, smelling, listening, and new experiences.

Learn to manage their EMOTIONS by having caregivers that are attentive to their social and emotional cues and consistently respond with patience, kindness, and attention.

Develop MOTOR SKILLS by having safe and well-supervised environments, inside and outside, where babies have many and varied experiences to develop both their large and small muscles.

Develop LANGUAGE SKILLS by having teachers who pay close attention to what the babies in their care are trying to communicate and responding consistently. Teachers also sing songs, demonstrate finger plays, and read books daily to assist with language skill development of our youngest learners.

Develop COGNITIVE SKILLS by having teachers who introduce interesting materials, toys, and sensory experiences that help infants figure out how things work, learn cause-and-effect, and develop skills to process new sights, sounds, and textures.


  • Clean and open spaces with a variety of surfaces for free movement play
  • A separate sleeping area with individual cribs for each baby to rest peacefully
  • Space free from restrictive movement equipment, such as swings, bumbos and excersaucers, making sure that babies are free to explore and develop their muscles and coordination skills
  • Outside playground space designed specifically for the safety and development of our youngest learners
  • A wide variety of developmentally appropriate toys and materials are available for infants to interact and play with
  • Comfortable breast-feeding areas, as well as the ability to store and serve breast-milk

In the Palmetto Preschool INFANT program, our youngest students experience the love and support needed for secure attachments and an environment designed for exploring, growing, and learning.

Should you want to know more about our Infant program, you can send us a message or contact us.

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