Forced Apologies

Moving Past Forced Apologies by Amber Rogers, Ed.S. NCSP, Founder/CEO Palmetto Preschool Greetings, fellow parents! We’ve all encountered those moments when our little ones clash with their buddies at preschool or daycare. It’s second nature to encourage them to apologize right away, believing we’re instilling good manners. But here’s the twist: a fresh perspective suggests that … Continue reading

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Why we don’t share

Fostering Cooperative Play: Why We Prioritize Taking Turns Over Forcing Sharing by Amber Rogers, Ed.S.  NCSP Founder/Owner, Palmetto Preschool Introduction Hello, dear parents! We all know those moments when our little ones are immersed in play at preschool or daycare, and the inevitable tussle over toys arises. Our instinct might be to urge them to share … Continue reading

Free Play

The Power of Play: Unleashing Your Child’s Learning Potential by Amber Rogers, Ed.S. NCSP, Founder & CEO Palmetto Preschool At Palmetto Preschool, we are dedicated to providing your little ones with the best possible start in their educational journey. We understand that as parents, you’re always eager to ensure your children are on the path to success. And … Continue reading

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Limiting Screen Time

“The Value of Limiting Screen Time for Preschoolers: A Window to a Brighter Future” by Amber Rogers, Ed.S. NCSP, Founder & CEO Palmetto Preschool In our increasingly digital world, it’s no secret that screens have become an integral part of our daily lives. From smartphones and tablets to televisions and computers, screens offer a plethora of information … Continue reading

The Importance of Physical Activity

Encouraging Little Explorers: The Importance of Physical Activity for Preschoolers by Amber Rogers, Ed.S. NCSP, Founder & CEO of Palmetto Preschool At Palmetto Preschool, we believe in nurturing the growth and development of your little ones, not only through education but also through physical activity. We understand that our preschoolers are at a crucial stage of … Continue reading

Dealing with a Picky Eater at Home?

Nurturing Little Taste Explorers: The Power of Introducing New Foods by Amber Rogers, Ed.S. NCSP, Founder & CEO Palmetto Preschool   Hey there, amazing parents and caregivers! We know that raising a little one is a journey full of excitement and challenges, especially when it comes to their eating habits. If you’ve ever found yourself facing a … Continue reading

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